Easiest Way to Make Tasty Novice but delicious Samosa🌮🥠

Novice but delicious Samosa🌮🥠. One of favorite tea time snack of Indians is samosa,there are many types of samosa with many types of filling,in this video you can see how to make easy. Samosa recipe Welcome to Super Kitchen In this video we are going to show you delicious samosa recipe. To get text version of this recipe please scroll down.

Novice but delicious Samosa🌮🥠 Serve up these crisp vegetable samosas as a tasty starter or side dish with your favourite curry. They also make great buffet food for your next party. Samosa is an Indian deep-fried appetizer with spiced potatoes. You can cook Novice but delicious Samosa🌮🥠 using 10 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Novice but delicious Samosa🌮🥠

  1. You need of Flour 1 & 1/2cup.
  2. You need Pinch of salt.
  3. It’s of Water.
  4. You need of Filling.
  5. You need of Shreded chicken.
  6. You need of Scotch bonnet.
  7. You need of Onions.
  8. Prepare of Cabbage.
  9. It’s of Oil.
  10. It’s of Seasonings.

This is an easy samosa recipe with step-by-step method on how to fold Samosa and the recipe. They are delicious without the extra calories. Serve Samosa with: For a wholesome Indian-style dinner at home, make the following dishes. Samosa or Singhara as it is called in Bengal and Bihar is a delicious Indian snack that is a universal favourite.

Novice but delicious Samosa🌮🥠 instructions

  1. For the dough you mix the flour pinch of salt & water & make a thick dough out of it. & cover to rest before you finish the filling. For the filling you add the chicken, some oil, scotch, cabbage, onions with seasoning & fry on low heat & off it once its done then you continue with the remaining process..
  2. Then you cut the dough into 6 pieces spread each piece in the board & roll it into a round flat shape while spreading some flour on it and some oil too..
  3. Then you cut it into 4 from the middle add the fillings and then you fold the dough & cover the filling to make a triangle shape as seen below make a sticky mixture of flour & water to stick the parts of the samosa together after adding the fillings. Then you fry on medium heat & repeat the process until its finished then you serve. the sticky mixture will hold the parts of samosa together & prevent it from rupturing on the process of frying..

A perfect samosa has a crisp exterior made of flour and a savoury potato filling inside. Deliciously easy meals inspired by my travels around the world! Slightly spicy, full of flavour, my easy vegan filo samosas are yummy comfort food, and since they are baked, contain a fraction of the calories of fried ones. I made this Samosa Chaat the day I made homemade Samosa but I couldn't get around sharing it until today. With Diwali and the festive season Bringing you easy, delicious vegetarian & vegan recipes!

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