Recipe: Yummy Baked chicken drumsticks

Baked chicken drumsticks. BAKED CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS are the easiest way to get dinner on the table quickly! The skin crisps up in the oven, the seasoning is simple and perfect, and the chicken legs come out juicy every. The only time we really think about eating chicken drumsticks is when we roast a whole chicken.

Baked chicken drumsticks Best Ever Baked Chicken Drumsticks Step by Step Easy Baked Chicken Recipe Reviews for: Photos of Crispy Baked Chicken Drumsticks. Baked Chicken Leg Drumsticks: Easy chicken leg recipe. You can cook Baked chicken drumsticks using 9 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Baked chicken drumsticks

  1. You need 5-6 of chicken drumsticks or legs.
  2. You need 1 tbsp of ginger garlic paste.
  3. You need 3-4 tbsp of thick curd.
  4. Prepare 1 TSP of salt or to taste.
  5. It’s 1/2 TSP of degi lal mirch (optional).
  6. Prepare 1/2 TSP of dhaniya powder.
  7. It’s 1/2 TSP of jeera powder.
  8. You need 3-4 tbsp of green coriander chopped.
  9. It’s of Some melted butter.

Easy to make Crispy Baked Chicken Drumsticks – this chicken recipe is family friendly and full of flavor. The chicken drumsticks are so moist and juicy and super easy to prep. How to bake chicken drumsticks in the oven, so that they taste just like they were made on the grill, could not be simpler. Once the weather gets cold and I stop firing up grill, I find that I use the oven so.

Baked chicken drumsticks step by step

  1. Wash and clean the chicken drumsticks nicely..
  2. Make 2 small slits on each chicken drumstick. Now add the chicken and all other ingredients to a big bowl. Marinade minimum for 40 minutes. I normally keep it for marination in the morning and prepare around onion or evening sometimes..
  3. Preheat the oven to 150 degree Celsius. Spread a foil on a baking tray and grease it with some melted butter. Arrange the chicken on the foiled tray..
  4. Bake for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes turn the sides and bake again for 20 minutes. So it's a total baking time of 50 minutes. Both the elements of the oven should be on..
  5. Rub some melted butter on the chicken if you want. Serve hot with some ranch dressing..

For these baked chicken drumsticks, I chose my two most common ways of seasoning: one version with paprika and one with curry powder. Most of the time I simply use a mixture of salt, pepper, and. Sharing a recipe for easy Baked Chicken Drumsticks- a quick and easy, family friendly dinner idea that the whole family will love. These baked chicken drumsticks are chicken wing killers. Seeing how popular my extra crispy baked chicken wings recipe has been, I decided to try it on chicken drumsticks.

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