Recipe: Yummy Ofada stew & breaded oven baked chicken

Ofada stew & breaded oven baked chicken. This ofada stew/ofada sauce recipe features a stew that originates from the Western part of Nigeria and is commonly eaten with a locally grown rice called ofada rice. Ofada Rice and stew is a Nigerian meal native to the Yorubas but in recent times, everyone, especially those in Lagos and environs, has been bitten by the Ofada Rice bug. Ofada sauce/stew is one of the most sought after Nigerian delicasy.

Ofada stew & breaded oven baked chicken Ofada stew is a very popular delicacy originating from the Yoruba Tribe in western Nigeria. A delicious stew rich in assorted meats and with a super unique. Notes: **I chose to boil the pepper I used in this recipe in order to get rid of the excess water but you can definitely strain out the water if you are in a hurry. You can have Ofada stew & breaded oven baked chicken using 22 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Ofada stew & breaded oven baked chicken

  1. You need 2-4 of chicken pieces (duhhh).
  2. You need of rice.
  3. You need 3 of eggs.
  4. It’s of your choice of vegetables (I use mange-tout, baby corn, spring onions and baby brocolli).
  5. You need 3 of Anaheim peppers.
  6. It’s 2-3 of red bell peppers.
  7. Prepare of Panko bread crumbs.
  8. Prepare 1 tbsp of coriander.
  9. It’s 3/4 tbsp of cumin.
  10. You need 3/4 of thyme.
  11. Prepare 1 tsp of cinnamon, chilli flakes, parsley and paprika.
  12. You need 1/2 tbsp of chopped garlic.
  13. You need 1/2 tbsp of chopped ginger.
  14. Prepare 1/2 tbsp of salt.
  15. Prepare of rosemary (optional, but helps with taste, hmmn hmnn mnn).
  16. Prepare of for the ofada stew:.
  17. It’s 2-3 of maggi/knorr bouillon cubes.
  18. It’s 1/2 of – 1 tbsp crayfish.
  19. It’s 3/4 tbsp of Iru.
  20. It’s 1/2 tbsp of thyme.
  21. It’s 1 of – 2 tsp salt.
  22. Prepare 150 of – 200ml palm oil.

Ofada stew recipe with boiled eggs (stew soaked eggs). Oh yes please, honestly this ofada stew is one of the best things I have cooked recently, It is quick to make and requires few ingredients. Ofada stew or Ayamase is a tasty,spicy stew that you eat and just can't forget. Begin this Nigerian stew by blending and straining green bell peppers, onion, and habanero If you'd love to recreate the spicy flavors of ofada stew, gather a few specialty ingredients and get started!

Ofada stew & breaded oven baked chicken step by step

  1. Ok, First step is to season your chicken and leave to marinade anywhere from 3 hours to overnight. Then when that is all done, bring out your chicken and dip into egg, then into bread crumbs, then sprinkle coriander on it and toss into oven. (180 d.F for about 45 minutes. I prefer my meat not too moist, so I add little oil and tend to use a cloth to dab out the extra moisture in-between cooking)..
  2. Boil your rice! done! moving on!.
  3. Steam or sauté your vegetables! done! moving on! we’re making time here aren’t we? I LAV IT!.
  4. Now, time for the stew we have all been waiting for. For your Ofada stew, cut up your Anaheim peppers and bell peppers and blend slightly rough in a blender, with some added water to help the peppers blend properly..
  5. Once blended, get your pot/pan and put into it your blended mix, and leave on medium heat for a while, until the fluid has dried up and all you are left with is a dry pepper mix. This allows the pepper to really soak up the palm oil and seasonings and also, your stew does not have taste stolen from it by excess fluid. Refer to the image attached.
  6. Now, in the same pan/pot or a new one if you’d like, add your palm oil and leave on medium heat for 5-6 minutes, it will start to smoke, don’t worry, this is just the bleaching process. Now add Iru and chopped onions and fry for about 5 minutes, (at this point, if you were doing it with assorted meat, this is where you would add them to fry, they will absorb the oil, but eventually release it back). After frying your Iru and onions for 5 minutes, add your crayfish, salt and other seasonings..
  7. Leave to fry-cook for another 2 minutes, then add your dry pepper mix. The mix will cook just like if you were using meat, it will absorb the oil, cook, and then release it back to the top, once you start to see your oil rise to the top, it means your stew is ready. At this point, you can either take it off, dish it and eat it because you cannot wait any longer as the suspense is killing you and the family, or you could just cook it for 5 more minutes to darken more..
  8. That is it, ladies and gentlemen, and your finished stew should look something like this.
  9. Now go ahead and combine all and enjoy your meal. leave any comments below of what you think! your own recipes! how will you tweak this? do you have a way to make it better? or do you just want to tell me I am awesome!.

Nigerian Ayamase / Ofada Stew Recipe. Funny enough, the Ofada sauce got it name from the local rice it is usually served with (Ofada rice), the sauce itself is called Ayamase. Ofada Stew is a popular Nigerian Stew peculiar to the Yoruba tribe of Western Nigeria though now The Green Ofada stew is popularly called Ayamase. I already have a recipe for Ayamase, click HERE. Ayamase stew which is also known as Ofada stew or designer stew is native Yoruba stew served with ofada rice (unpolished brown rice), it is usually prepared with green peppers and sometimes with the.

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