Recipe: Appetizing Chinese Tomato Scrambled Egg

Chinese Tomato Scrambled Egg. They learnt to cook Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes, and develop a good understanding of Chinese cooking. The truth is many Chinese dishes are very similar with same seasonings so once you learn how to cook a few different dishes, you can create many others. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes is a common variation of scrambled eggs.

Chinese Tomato Scrambled Egg This Chinese tomato egg stir-fry is something you'll find on many Chinese home dinner tables. It's fast, easy, cheap, and made with very simple The tangy tomatoes, mixed with rich scrambled eggs, a hint of sugar, and flavorful sesame oil and Shaoxing wine all come together to create a very. Stir-fried tomato and scrambled eggs (Chinese: 番茄炒蛋/西紅柿炒雞蛋) is a common dish in China. You can cook Chinese Tomato Scrambled Egg using 7 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chinese Tomato Scrambled Egg

  1. It’s 3 of eggs (beaton).
  2. You need 2 of tomatoes (boiled and peeled).
  3. Prepare 3 of garlic (chopped).
  4. It’s of Spring Onion (chopped).
  5. You need of Salt.
  6. Prepare of Sugar.
  7. Prepare of Cooking oil.

It is usually served as a main course. Because of the simplicity of preparation, it is popular in student canteens. Shakshouka (Arabic: شكشوكة) is a very similar dish eaten in the Levant of the Middle East. Home-style Chinese food at its simplest and, arguably, tastiest, this dish is the object of nostalgia for many Chinese immigrants (and their children).

Chinese Tomato Scrambled Egg instructions

  1. Boiled the tomatoes and once it's boiled, let it cool then peel ans cut diced..
  2. Chop garlic and spring onion.
  3. Beat the egg then season with salt, sugar. Then put garlics and spring onion in..
  4. Heat the cooking oil, put the tomatoes in. Next, add the egg in, scramble, add some water if it gets dry..

Well-seasoned eggs scrambled until just-set combine at the last moment with a sweet-tart ginger-tomato sauce. A simple recipe for the popular Chinese scrambled eggs dish; it's a refreshing twist on the classic American scrambled eggs. It's by no means a secret through—scrambled eggs with tomato are popular throughout the Zhejiang province in China. Tomato Eggs – A Chinese dish of stir-fried eggs and tomatoes. To make perfect scrambled eggs, you have to keep stirring the beaten egg in a back and forth motion, using a spatula.

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