Easiest Way to Cook Appetizing Thai Style Salmon Spicy Salad

Thai Style Salmon Spicy Salad.

Thai Style Salmon Spicy Salad You can have Thai Style Salmon Spicy Salad using 16 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Thai Style Salmon Spicy Salad

  1. It’s 230 grams of fresh salmon (no skin).
  2. You need 3 cm of piece of cucumber.
  3. You need 3-4 of bird eyes chillis (up to you).
  4. You need Half of carrots.
  5. You need Half of red onion.
  6. Prepare of Mints.
  7. You need of Parsley.
  8. Prepare of Coriander.
  9. You need 3-4 of cherry tomatoes.
  10. It’s of Yum sauce (spicy salad sauce).
  11. Prepare 2.5 Tbsp of lime juice.
  12. You need 2 Tbsp of fish sauce.
  13. Prepare 1 Tbsp of white sugar.
  14. You need 1 Tbsp of Demerara brown sugar.
  15. Prepare 2 Tbsp of water.
  16. It’s 1 pinch of salt.

Thai Style Salmon Spicy Salad step by step

  1. Cut salmon to pieces and add salt and pepper. Mix them together. Leave on the side..
  2. Cut all vegetables and herbs..
  3. Make Yum sauce (spicy salad sauce) by mix all ingredients into the small bowl..
  4. Boil some water add some salt. When it’s boiling, add salmon in. When they are cooked, take them out of water and leave them on the sieve..
  5. Assemble salmon, herbs& veg and yum sauce together. It’s ready to be served..
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